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Solar water heating


The UK climate allows a solar energy system to use the heat from the sun for a large part of the year. Unfortunately, its performance depends on the season and it can’t generate sufficient water temperature for a typical central heating system (which needs around 80°C).This means solar water heating (sometimes called solar thermal) can’t be used as a stand-alone heating system, although it will provide most of your domestic hot water requirements during the summer. However, even in winter solar energy can be used to raise the temperature of the cold water supplied to a hot water storage cylinder, which means that the main heating system then uses less fuel to raise the temperature of the water to its required level. It is usually quite easy to integrate solar thermal with an existing oil heating system and we recommend you contact a local OFTEC registered installer for advice.

Things to consider:

  • You’ll need to have a south facing roof to site the solar panel
  • The installation cost for solar water heating is around £4-5,000


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