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Questions to ask

Questions you as the fuel oil distributor may want to ask the
home owner

• What is the size of the tank in litres or gallons?

• How old is the tank? Is the tank plastic or steel?

• Does the tank have a self bund, bunded wall or no bund?

• Is there a gauge present? What type is it and is it in good working order?

• Does your delivery require a ladder?

• When was the tank last serviced?

• Have you experienced an unexplained increase in fuel usage recently?

• Have you also ordered fuel from another local supplier?

Obtaining good information about the tank, including its age, condition and location is vital in assessing whether it may pose a risk. If you have any concerns you should check the tank carefully before commencing the delivery. Remember, a tank failure could cause considerable inconvenience and cost for the customer. It could also result in loss of future business for the fuel delivery company and have legal and insurance implications for both parties.