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Ordering Heating Oil

Unlike most other heating customers, oil users can shop around for the best deal and buy fuel when prices are lower, helping you to save money. When you place an order here are the things your distributor will need to know:

Your details:

  • Your name, address and postcode

  • Home, daytime and mobile telephone numbers

  • Email address

  • VAT number (if applicable)

Your tank:

  • Type of tank, age and manufacturer

  • Size of tank and type of connections

  • Height of connection above ground, i.e. will the driver need to use a ladder?

  • The condition of the tank

The oil:

  • Type (e.g. kerosene, gas oil etc) and quantity required

  • Whether the driver can establish the tank contents before and during delivery?

  • What the oil is being used for (information required by HMRC)

  • What appliance the oil is feeding, eg Aga

  • Can the delivery driver put a contents label on the tank?

Accessing the tank:

  • Distance of the tank from where the tanker parks

  • Is there any restriction on size of tanker that can get access to the site?

  • Location within your property, e.g. behind the greenhouse

  • Can the delivery driver get access to the tank without special conditions, e.g. garage must be unlocked; access across a fence, dogs to be restrained?

  • Will you be there when the delivery is made?

How you want to pay:

  • Credit card, Debit card, Budget payment, Cheque or other payment method

  • We recommend that you download a copy of the FPS customer charter which contains useful advice for oil users.


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