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FPS Supports Big Energy Saving Week

Continuing in its commitment to help oil-fuelled energy consumers keep their bills low, FPS (Federation of Petroleum Suppliers) has pledged support for Big Energy Saving Week 2014 which runs from Monday 20 to Friday 24 October.

The trade association for the oil distribution industry, FPS, has supported Big Energy Saving Week for many years, a campaign designed to enable consumers to reduce their energy bills and access the full financial help available to them.

Big Energy Saving Week is run collectively between the Citizens Advice Bureau, Government, Energy Saving Trust, Age UK, and other charitable and voluntary organisations.

“We’re excited to be supporting Big Energy Saving Week once more, as we know what a big difference it makes to consumers who want to reduce their energy bills. During Big Energy Saving Week, FPS is focusing its support in particular on those who use oil to heat their homes. And the great news for these users is that the price of oil is low at the moment. According to Sutherland Tables, a recognised and impartial source of data on comparative UK domestic heating prices, the current annual cost of using heating oil to heat a three bedroom home in Great Britain is now 10.1% lower than the average cost reported over the last three years. Furthermore, the Government’s just-published fuel price projections highlight that oil prices should stay stable for years to come, which is good news for households using oil heating.” says Mark Askew, Chief Executive of FPS.

“The cost of energy is a worry for many households and this week-long campaign points out all the many positive steps people can take to better manage their energy and reduce costs, as well as receive all the help they’re entitled to when it comes to grants and benefits such as Winter Fuel Allowance.

“Alongside general advice for consumers, such as comparing the prices of various energy suppliers and turning the thermostat down by just one degree to make a big 10 percent saving, there is a wealth of support specifically for the 1.5million off-grid energy users.

It is frustrating though the Government consistently refuse to allow proven technologies with proven results, such as oil condensing boilers, to be included within many of their schemes aimed at fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. A condensing oil boiler can reduce a customer’s fuel consumption by 20% which can be further improved with good insulation which will save oil users money and reduce emissions at the same time,” adds Mark Askew

Money-saving advice, support and tips from the heating oil trade association are available through its website OilSave.org.uk

Mark Askew concludes: “Our support of Big Energy Saving Week accompanies our Buy Oil Early campaign, launched in September together with the Government, ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England), Citizens Advice Bureau and Consumer Futures, and with support from the Energy Minister, Matt Hancock.

“Consumers are being urged to order their heating oil early this year, before the cold weather takes hold. It’s always advisable to be stocked up and prepared for winter, and it makes sense financially to make the most of the lower prices while demand for oil is low.

“These campaigns complement each other as they’re both designed to help consumers manage their energy bills more efficiently and find ways to reduce costs.

“Consumers are often surprised by how much they can do to cut their energy bills, and the oilsave website is full of helpful tips. The advice ranges from reasons to upgrade your boiler and the importance of servicing and maintenance through to reasons for making monthly payments and combining your oil system with a renewable energy option.

“There is lots of information on OilSave.org.uk to help heating oil consumers get more from their energy. In addition to all the tips and advice, you’ll find a list of oil suppliers, searchable by town or postcode, so you can set up a regular payment and avoid big bills in the winter and manage spending more efficiently year-round.”

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