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Can a fuel delivery be made through my property?

Many oil companies will no longer make a delivery which requires the delivery hose to pass through a building because there is a risk of damage to the property if the hose fails for any reason. If a hose should fail inside a property the remediation costs are extremely high.

The delivery hose is not particularly flexible, as it has to contain the oil at pressure. It must also be of sufficient resilience to withstand damage caused by the various surfaces over which it passes during use. A hose can suffer internal damage that is not visible to the driver and which, on very rare occasions, can result in the hose leaking during delivery. Additionally, the hose is open to the elements in transit and deliveries are made to households, construction sites, farms and industrial premises so it is not necessarily clean.

In order to make a safe delivery, the driver requires a clear path from the delivery tanker to the customer’s storage tank. All companies are required to carry out risk assessments to ensure safety of their staff, customers and the public.  As a result of some previous incidents, companies are increasingly concluding that, where the delivery hose is required to be taken through a building, the deliveries pose a substantial risk. The risk can be to the driver, damage to the property caused inadvertently by the hose leaking, or a combination of factors.  The company may therefore decline to make the delivery if there is no alternative access route.
However, customers are recommended to discuss the situation with their supplier as there may be alternative delivery options.

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