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Why it is best to use an OFTEC registered technician?

Choosing an OFTEC registered technician or installer will ensure you receive a high standard of service for your oil heating needs. This is because OFTEC registered technicians are considered to be ‘competent persons’. The British Government introduced competent person schemes in 2002 as a way to improve standards across a wide range of trades and industries. OFTEC’s registration scheme covers the oil heating industry and our registered technicians are independently assessed every five years. There are around 8,000 heating technicians registered with OFTEC throughout the UK, so there should be someone working in your area. As well as providing a high level of service, OFTEC registered technicians can self-certify their work for building regulations, avoiding building inspection fees and saving you money. An OFTEC registered installer will also provide a ‘workmanship warranty’ with installation work, helping to give you peace of mind in the unlikely event that a problem arises.

Choosing an OFTEC registered technician means you can avoid ‘cowboys’, untrained, or incompetent workmen. It also means that any work they carry out will comply with building regulations.

Find out more about competent persons schemes and where to find an OFTEC registered technician.

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