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Is it worth upgrading my existing oil heating system?

Yes, if your boiler is more than six years old, it is worth replacing it with a modern condensing model. This will significantly improve your energy efficiency and save you a lot of money! For most homeowners buying a new boiler is a distress purchase – something we only consider doing when the existing boiler has broken down or become so unreliable that replacement is essential. However, an upgrade can make a big difference to your energy efficiency. We calculate that it could save you over £200 a year* and it will also dramatically reduce carbon emissions, which is good for the environment. Condensing boilers recover waste heat that normally passes out of the flue into the air in a conventional boiler. Oil condensing boilers have efficiencies of up to 97% while older boilers are typically 60 – 70% efficient.   We recommend that you talk through the options with your local OFTEC heating technician and discuss what would work best for you.

Oil condensing boilers are one of the options included in the government’s Green Deal scheme, which provides a way to fund energy efficiency improvements at minimal upfront cost.

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