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What are the advantages of a hybrid heating system?

Hybrid heating systems combining an oil or gas boiler and renewable heating are likely to become very popular in the next few years – and with good reason. Oil heating is ideal for integrating with renewable technologies, such as air source heat pumps and solar water heating, and hybrid systems have a number of advantages. By combining these technologies you can take advantage of each heating system’s best characteristics and also minimise the modifications needed to use renewables in an existing home. For example:

  • Your home does not need to be insulated to such a high standard compared to using an air source heat pump on its own.
  • It avoids the problem of insufficient heat generation during cold weather, which heat pump-only systems often suffer from in retrofit situations - in cold conditions the oil boiler can take over.
  • It avoids the likelihood of low ‘co-efficients of performance’ (CoP) in the winter, which results in the heat pump running inefficiently and leads to high electricity bills for homeowners. Again, in cold weather the oil boiler is there to take over.
  • The existing radiator system can often be retained and under floor heating is not needed. This avoids the need for costly and very disruptive modifications to your home.
  • It allows the air source heat pump to work in its comfort zone, enabling it to achieve its maximum efficiency.
  • The use of solar thermal means your water is already warm, reducing the energy required to bring it up to a usable temperature.
  • The use of renewable technology means you can fit a smaller oil boiler and tank, and less fuel will be required.

By adopting a hybrid approach you can bring down the cost of your fuel bill dramatically while ensuring you stay warm, whatever the weather. In will also greatly reduce your carbon emissions.

The other big advantage of installing a hybrid oil/renewable system is that you can take advantage of the Government’s forthcoming Renewable Heat Incentive, providing the renewable part of your system can be independently metered, and the installation was done by an accredited MCS installer.

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