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Comment By FPS In Response to Craggs Energy Launch

Mark Askew Chief Executive Of Fps (Federation Of Petroleum Suppliers) Comments In Response To Craggs Energy Launch Of ‘Oil Price Protect’

The trade association for the oil distribution industry FPS (Federation of Petroleum Suppliers) is pleased to see the launch of Craggs Energy launch of ‘Oil Price Protect’ fixed price energy tariff.

It is good to see independent distributors taking an innovative approach to pricing and we are sure that heating oil consumers will welcome this move. It is also good to note that Craggs Energy is working with other independent heating oil distributors to role this out across the country enabling more consumers to benefit from the scheme.

The FPS represents 80% of all oil distribution companies across the UK and gives advice to consumers through its oilsave website www.oilsave.org.uk including setting up monthly payments with a local oil heating distributor in order to manage energy needs more effectively. This means consumers should avoid being hit with bigger bills during the winter months and can plan for their energy expenditure more easily. The Craggs Energy scheme adds another alternative to customers to consider when looking at how they purchase their fuel.

Oil is a commodity and is subject to fluctuations in price, mainly due to global influences which are beyond the control of our members. The fixed price tariff initiative from Craggs Energy would help smooth out these fluctuations.

We always advise consumers to ring around local suppliers to find the best deal for them and establish the right payment plan for their needs – OilSave.org.uk has a list of suppliers in the UK and consumers can search by postcode or town.

To find out more about energy saving ideas for heating oil consumers visit www.oilsave.org.uk

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