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Look after your tank


It is your responsibility to maintain any oil tanks on your property and to avoid them failing. Spills and leaks can be extremely costly to clean up and can contaminate ground water supplies and building foundations.

 What you can do

Conduct a quick visual check every six months for any of the following warning signs:

  • Rust

  • Cracks

  • Splits

  • Bulging

  • Subsidence on the base

  • Gauges falling over or not working

  • Tanks overgrown with foliage

  • Unusual oil smell

  • Sudden usage increase.

Annual servicing

A tank inspection should be performed
annually at the time of the boiler service.

Your service engineer will check your tank
for general condition and check for the
presence of water/condensation, which will
collect at the bottom. If condensation is
present, it will be stirred up on oil delivery
and may be carried down to the boiler and
cause a breakdown.

An OFTEC registered technicians will provide a
report on the condition of your tank detailing
observations and any actions you need to take to prevent an oil pollution incident occurring.

If you have any concerns over your oil storage, contact your regular fuel supplier