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Duty of care

Checking the tank, including its age, condition and location is a vital part of a service visit
and crucial in determining whether it may pose a risk.

If you have any concerns you should report them to the customer following the tank at
risk procedure below and recommend that the tank be replaced. Remember, as the last
man onsite, you have a duty of care to your customer and you could be liable should the
tank fail.

A tank failure could also cause considerable inconvenience and cost for the customer,
damage the environment and the reputation of the oil heating industry. It could also
result in loss of future business and have legal and insurance implications for both parties. 

If a tank is at risk what should you do?

If you deem following an inspection that the tank may be unsafe you should attach a warning tag or waning label and leave a post card with the occupier.


The label may recommend to the homeowner that the tank should be replaced and point them to further information so that they can understand why their tank hasn’t been filled, what their responsibilities are as the owner, the problems a leak could cause and how to resolve the issue.

It will also provide contact details for the technician’s own replacement services.