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Do's and dont's

Best practice for drivers is to carry out a dynamic risk assessment on site before delivery.

Site safety checklist

• Can vehicle access / exit site safely and park in a safe place?

• Blind fill? CAUTION - See below

• Is the storage tank visually sound and in good condition?

• Is the tank clearly labelled with product grade and tank number?

• Are multiple tanks interconnected? Tanks at different levels? - High risk of overfill

• Is there a working gauge or means to confirm tank ullage safely?

• Can you deliver safely if working at height?

• Is the fill point in good condition / screw connection?

• Is there a bund or other means to capture any spills?

• Is there sufficient lighting to deliver safely?

• Can the delivery be made SAFELY?

Blind fill / Offset fill

  1. Check that any offset fill is permanently connected to the receiving tank (see 4)

  2. There must be a suitable means of determining ullage before and during delivery (tank gauge
    or similar)

  3. Overfill alarms should be fitted; drivers MUST confirm any alarms are on prior to commencing

  4. Where a driver cannot check tank connection and/or overfill alarm is not fitted then at
    commercial site a competent person MUST sign delivery ticket ullage box to confirm there is
    sufficient ullage for delivery quantity before delivery can be made.

If any concerns are identified that would give rise to a pollution incident or risk the safety of the driver on filling, the delivery will be declined and a warning tag will be affixed to the fill point